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Iran, not what you see on TV

Mariam, on our second date back in 1988 asked me the following -

"You do know that Iran is not what you see on TV right?"

For over two decades I went in search of that Iran. I found it....and it is not what you see on TV. On this page, I have included video links that might help you find THAT Iran....NOT ON TV 

I will tell you that about six congresspersons in DC get Iran and that is it. Democrats and republicans have no clue. Even as I type this today, 10/21/21, stupid congresspersons refer to the US embassy hostages taken 42 fricken years ago. If you find a stupid person mentioning this incident,  send them the  link to this video and tell them to watch and then shutup!!! 

A most interesting documentary - At one point there is a US State Department Official describing how Iranian officials slammed a map down onto a table and basically said - your bombing of caves is not working. You need to hit the terrorists here and here and pointed at the map.  After that the US started making headway against the Taliban. There is also an interesting part that described how Germany, France, and England and Iran had developed an agreement on a Nuclear deal during the Bush Administration and the senior state department would not even talk to them. 

Below are a bunch of videos that, if you want to see the Iran not on TV you can take a look at. 

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