The United States of Hypocrisy

United States of Hypocrisy

Do unto Syrian children as you would your kids. Recently, CENTCOM admitted shooting thousands of tons of depleted uranium bullets into Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan. If you read the Pentagon’s guidance there is no problem unless you breath the aerosols thus, when a DU shell hits a truck, they warn American soldiers to stay 75 yards away from THAT truck. EPA concludes there might be a problem if a child eats contaminated dirt. The IAEA warns people to stay away from contaminated areas. A UK University study of children in Fallujah concluded the number of kids suffering from mutation-induced problems associated with radioactive materials was, to put it scientifically, bigly! Our own Harvard University and many others found problems. BUT, the Pentagon dropped leaflets to warn Syrians to stay away from impacted areas. I do not know if the leaflet warned not to eat dirt. The half-life of DU is 4.3 billion years; I do not know the half life of those leaflets nor agent orange. If you watched Burn’s “Vietnam War” you saw deformed kids suffering from agent orange but you saw Nam vets returning to help. Those vets made me proud to be an American. I bet the Iraqi war vets will do the same for the leukemia kids in Fallujah, but those vets will need flashlights. By the time Fallujah soil is safe to eat, the sun will have burned out. When we find our enemies using such weapons it is bad but when we use them it is good? Here are two questions for Wittman, Kaine and Warner. Would you send your kids to Fallujah? Have they eaten dirt? Here are their numbers respectively: 202-225-4261; 202-224-4024; 202-224-2023. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Let’s make dirt safe again.

Lon Crow


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