Forget democrats and republican. Find me a smart person.

Chinese Woman Please

Is there no one in the first Congressional District that is smart? We need, preferably, a Chinese woman that is under 40 years of age to run for office. After touring Democratic Candidate Hick’s website I find him no smarter than Wittman. One example. Hicks - We need a great navy to counter Russia. Russia’s GDP ($1.3 trillion) is half of California ($2.5 trillion). HALF! Russia has one working aircraft carrier that inundated Britain with black diesel fumes during its transit of the Channel. Their economy is driven by fossil fuels. Unless you live under a rock, you know fossil fuels have no future. Ask Saudi Arabia; they are selling off ARAMCO and forcing their princes to pay big bucks for “get out of jail free cards”. We need a young person because, unlike Wittman and Hicks, they are not wedded to our MSM that keep us shivering in fear of that chain smoking aircraft carrier. I would prefer a woman because… well.. look at the current state of things brought to us by a bunch of old white guys. I prefer someone of Chinese decent because they take the long view. Unlike Wittman and Hicks, China looks 10/20 years down the road. Two examples. Years ago, China bought up mines in South American and Australia. Those mines produce lithium. They now own the market. Lithium is used for??? If you do not know call your grandkid on the lithium powered phone. China built 200+ schools/hospitals in Africa. Our 800 troops in Niger not building schools. Again, long view!! So, if such a person exists in the 1st District lets talk about a future these old white guys cannot see. You young people have the most to lose. Wittman and Hicks do not.

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