Snow globe letter of January 3

Goodbye snow globe

In 1947, the USA had two bats. We had 47 percent of the world’s economy (first bat) and unmatched military might (second bat). In 1947 we became a net importer of oil. Thirst for oil caused the US to swing both bats. We destroyed governments, created governments and hugged governments we should not have hugged (home of 9/11 guys). The first bat has diminished from 47 to 25 percent a few years ago to 21 percent now. Our sanctions irritate the world to the extent that the EU is looking at taking actions against the US through the World Bank/IMF and five countries have joined forces to create a bigger bat called “BRICS” (25 percent of world’s economy and it has started swinging). If you include half the DOE’s budget, NSA, etc., you realize we spend between $1.1 to $1.3 trillion dollars per year on this second bat. With second bat, we have interfered in the internal affairs of between 72 and 150 different countries..after Niger…I lost track. Swinging the second bat repeatedly has cause one thing -a need for a bigger bat. A young Iraqi boy explains it perfectly in “Only the Dead See War”. The boy yells, “You tell Americans I will kill them. If it takes the rest of my life I will kill Americans”. He is standing next to his dead brother – collateral damage from second bat. After five misses we killed Qari Hussain. Those misses killed 128 innocent people including 13 children. Collateral civilian deaths: WWI- 10%, WWII – 50%, Iraq – 70%, Afghanistan – 90%. Try and connect these dots. That is why Wittman and Warner will tell you we need bigger bats. I will not vote for anyone who wants a bigger bat. Come November I suggest you do the same.

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