Letter to the editor regarding Kaine and Parkinsons and Iran

Senator Kaine irritated me. When my wife was being treated for Parkinson’s an intern informed my precious Iranian wife that sanctions precluded medications getting to Iran, I wanted to know why. I asked Kaine’s office to forward a letter I had written to Treasury. Ten weeks later, on August 3, 2016, Kaine’s office responded that the situation with Iran was “touchy” and they would not forward my letter. Details are at www.MariamsWish.com. I got angry. Then I realized something. Kaine’s office had no clue about Iran and I do not fault him for it. Kaine is just like all the other people in DC- clueless. I then realized what Bert Sacks told me was correct. Google “Bert Sacks”. Bert was fined by the US government for taking medications to children in Iraq. Our sanctions caused the death of 500,000 Iraqi children. Bert tried to fix that. Bert told me the problem I am going to have is Americans see Iran and they see 83 million mullahs. Just as Americans did not see those 500,000 dead Iraqi children they will not see 275,000 sufferers of Parkinsons disease in Iran. I thought a US senator would be smarter than your average American. I was wrong. Kaine and all the rest of the DC inhabitants have no more depth of understanding than average Americans. Ask yourself how many Senators can find Niger on a map. We are engaged in 157 different countries. That is why our understanding of other countries is nil. We have our fingers in too many pies. We have reached an unprecedented level of ignorance. We are bumbling our way through 157 countries that we have little or no knowledge of. Look at Greece (1947), Iran (“operation ajax”), Nepal, Lithuania, Italy, Nicaragua, etc. There are only so many dead children the world will tolerate before it comes around and bites us in the ass. We had better start pulling our fingers out of those pies quick. Getting smarter is no longer possible.

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