Dear Americans: How are things at the mall.

Dear “mother fucking Americans”: How are things in the mall?

This country has a choice. Do we look out for the grandchildren or do we go to the mall. I could send you tons of words published by think tanks, sociologists, brilliant philosophers, military experts and the list goes on and on but the following ten words from a military commander in Iraq, these two 6 second videos and one sheet of graph paper is all you need to find the answer to whether it is the mall or your grandkids. Smart Americans will connect all four dots. I feel sorry for the world’s grandchildren if the number of Americans that can connect the dots is small.

DOT No. 1.

"We are at war and Americans go to the mall". Those are the words of a lieutenant colonel in Baghdad summing up his frustration with the apathy of Americans. We Americans are so detached from our military ventures we have not a clue where our troops are located and how many are where. Our elected representatives do NOT even know this. THAT IS A PROBLEM. Larry Wilkerson sums up American's detachment from our multiple conflicts and our military rather succinctly in the following video clip.

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DOT No. 2

Film clip from “Only the dead see the end of war – Iraq War documentary". Look at the young Iraqi boy shouting at the camera after his brother was the victim of collateral damage. Here are his words but you can also click on the video. “Tell those mother fucker Americans my brother’s blood will not be in vain. I will do something big. They have taken my brother’s life. They stole his life. “

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DOT No. 3

Film clip from “What Tomorrow Brings”. These are the words of Zakia – “my name is Zakia”. For $300, I sponsor Sadia to attend this school for a year. About a month ago a Taliban like gentleman entered this school. He had five sons and three daughters. He wanted his daughters to attend this school. Google the cost of MOAB (you know, the “mother of all bombs” let go in Afghanistan a few months back) then divide by 300. That number is the third dot. Question: Is the better future a 1,000,000 Sadias or one MOAB? (Total cost of Afghanistan war between 2001 and 2015 is $686 billion. The number of kids under 15 years of age is 15 million. That comes to $46,000/child.)

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DOT No. 4. The last dot

This dot requires graph paper. Graph oversee military expenditures since 9/11 versus the reported number of terrorist attacks. If you see a line going up then you just connected the dots. Congratulations! Now look into the faces of your grandchildren and do something.

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