The difference between Iranians and Americans.

The difference between Americans and Iranians

What I have found most interesting is Iranians can divorce Americans from their government and Americans cannot divorce Iranians from their government. Because I am aware of the abuse of the Iranian people by my government I will post comments about my shame. Comments related to the chemical attacks by Saddam on Iranians, Iranian Air 655, the fact my government caused a shortage of medications getting to Iran and the list goes on. With only one exception, Iranians always reply with a response that they love Americans and seem to think we are not responsible for my government’s actions. They divorce the two. My fellow Americans have never ever done that as far as I can see in comments on articles or on FB postings. The mullahs and the people of Iran are one in the eyes of my fellow Americans. That is the difference.

That one exception was on the anniversary of the Vincennes shooting down Iranian Air 655. If you know nothing about this incident I tell people to go to the independent reports about the incident. The bottom line is we screwed up. If you want to hear that bottom line go to the BBC documentary on the incident and listen to the staffer of the US congress, after weeks of hearings on the incident, say, basically, - “Captain Rogers screwed up”. FYI, we paid Iran compensation but never said we were sorry. I expressed my shame in that comment. An Iranian responded that Rogers knew he was shooting down a plane full of innocents. I informed this person that was not the case but the Captain did bring about the sad series of events that resulted in shooting down the plane. I noted that a neighboring captain referred to Rogers as “Robocruiser”. It was after the comment I got a private message from an Iranian. His name was Omid. He was apologizing to me about the comment from that other Iranian. He did not want that comment to make me think bad of Iranians. I told Omid to rest assured that comment would never impact my passion for the Iranian people. A passion that grows each day that I learn more about the tortured relationship between Iran and the US.

What I found out was that Omid was suffering from a disease similar to the one that took my precious Mariam from me. It was the same disease that started me down this path in trying to find out why country precluded Parkinson’s medications from getting to Iran. That path was this website It is, in part, the reason why Omid may suffer more than Americans. Dearest Omid, I feel no ill will against the people of Iran. What I do not understand is how you do not feel ill will against the people of my country. I guess THAT is the difference between Iranians and Americans.

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