Dear Stupid Americans: Iran is more than the hostage crisis.

My Dear Stupid Americans: Iranian News Bulletin about hostage crisis

If you visit the “other story page” on website, you know that the USA toppled Iran’s democratic government in 1953. I have yet to talk to an American who has any clue that we did this. Google “operation ajax” sometime. Or visit the page in the link below to watch any of the two minute videos.

PS: The American government finally released documents on June 16, 2017 confirming our role in toppling Iran’s government.

Now if you understand the CIA 1953 coup in Iran, you need to know the following. The following is a video by one of the few people I believe that could be labelled an expert on Iran. If you tied a “yellow ribbon around that old oak tree” in sympathy to our 52 embassy persons who were held for 444 days then know there is more to the story. Watch the following and decide for yourself if you believe there is a tad more to the hostage crisis. Then think about one fricken thing – how are you feeling about the possibility the Russians have screwed with US? If you can add two plus two, I am betting you might have some sympathy for those jailers. We have done far worse to the people of Iran than the Russians have come close to doing to us. Just so you know, we Americans have used the hostage issue as license to do a hell of a lot of bad things to the Iranian people. This website was designed to give you insight into one of those abuses.

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