OFAC??? WTF!!!

OFAC – WTF????

If you did not know, OFAC is a US government entity that essentially controls the flow of goods and services from the US to Iran. Think of it as a dam. Behind that dam are the millions of American goods (drugs, medical devices, computers, junk cars) and services (i.e., training of the techs in a hospital how to run a US made X-ray machine). On the other side of the dam is the valve that allows the flow of goods and services from the US. OFAC has its hand on that valve. According to one article in “The Hill”, you cannot sell a paperclip to Iran without OFAC’s approval. That is why the “WTF”

I would encourage my fellow Americans to google “OFAC, Idiocy”. The last time I did I got over 19,000 hits. I have talked about this idiocy in other blogs on this page. IMHO, I believe OFAC has institutionalized Iranophobia. You can review those google results and I will let you be the judge. Or you can watch the following video. Glenn belongs to a group that coordinates people to people exchanges between Iran and the US. More specifically, he deals with those exchanges that are scientist to scientist. Watch two minutes of Glenn in this Atlantic Council’s video below. Glenn’s OFAC assessment is spot on.


You can also read my earlier blog entries or you can also look at this link related to OFAC’s assessment of a penalty against an entity who was found to have sold junk cars to Iran. Feel free to scratch you head.


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